‘A kerfuffle on arrival’

This poem was published in the magazine Under the Radar edited by Jane Commane (February 2016, Nine Arches Press).


I arrived at the station – train delayed an hour.
Stuff that. I bought my own, drove it myself,
got there early. A kerfuffle on arrival –
the Fat Controller spluttered about rights.
I bought the track.‎

I had a heart attack. The ambulance was late.
I built myself a hospital for the next one,
staffed it with robots. Programmed them myself.
Built a bypass round it for emotions –
auctioned my own.‎

I sold excitement, pain and fear.
I made a plaster cast of love and sold that too.
I caught an echo of that feeling
of starting to fall for a face, losing control,
boxed it and burnt it.‎

No decent friendships on the market.
I cloned myself, GMed each clone:
a range of my perfections. They bored me
with their eyes, drilling through my vellum
layers, ready to sew

my signatures into a hidebound volume
of authorised biography. Remaindered.
I bid for the publishers. No dice.
I serialised myself – a comic strip,
sold it for a kiss.‎

Chris Fewings

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