A Glossary of my Grandmother

In 2013 I published a short work of alphabetic fiction as an e-book, available for Kindle: A Glossary of my Grandmother. A young woman finds her scholarly grandmother becomes a stabilising influence on her life. After her death, she decides to pay tribute to her in an A-Z of her life, and starts to explore … Read more

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City’s Edge

You’re upstairs on the No. 50 bus in Kings Heath High Street. The traffic always clogs here, as ‎people flock to shops supplied by juggernauts with goods funnelled in from around the world: ‎money pours into the tills. Outside a supermarket, a child’s bike chained to a lamp post serves ‎as a blue plaque: Hope, … Read more

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‘A kerfuffle on arrival’

This poem was published in the magazine Under the Radar edited by Jane Commane (February 2016, Nine Arches Press).


I arrived at the station – train delayed an hour.
Stuff that. I bought my own, drove it myself,
got there early. A kerfuffle on arrival –
the Fat Controller spluttered about rights.
I bought the track.‎

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‘The earth, the sea and the human spirit …’

The poem below was published in Ink, Sweat & Tears (edited by Helen Ivory) in 2014. The recording below was made by Rob Peters, at a reading I gave in Kings Heath.

The earth, the sea and the human spirit are getting tired of the ‎city

The city writes a city in its margins
And writes another city at its core.‎
The city writes the lives of other people –‎
Erases some, engraves some in its stone.‎

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